Loki’s Introduction

Hello, welcome readers. My name is Loki W. Gardner, this blog that Brittany and I are starting it is meant to be a place where we may share our daily goings on and interests.

I am a freshman in college finishing up my first semester. My goal is to earn a degree in digital media while minoring in psychology. I am very gifted when it comes to visual arts, I enjoy the Arts in all facets. I do not have any previous experience in digital media, but I am quickly self educating myself. The first year or so of digital media classes just focus on drawing basics. While I do not mind having a rudimentary class because it gives me time to focus on classes I have more trouble with. It does however make me feel like i am wasting my time.

Other than school my hobbies include painting Warhammer 40k models, Theological exploration, trying any and all food I have not yet tried, League of Legends, and writing warhammer 40k based short stories. During high school I also organized a lot of charity events.

Out of my hobbies League being the Time vampire it is takes up much of my time. my days are normally separated into 1/5 sleeping, 1/5 school, 2/5 talking to Brittany and playing league with Brittany 1/5 everything else. If you have ever read any of the blog posts on lolwiki then you will more than likely know I talk about potential balance changes frequently.

These are the things I do.

As far as personality I am a super dorky guy that isn’t really talkative until you get me talking. I think puns are 1000 times funnier than they are and I love dark humor. I get really energetic and hyped up when I am with my friends . I like making my friends smile and happy in general so I love getting people gifts or making things for people. One thing I do that I am sure is annoying is I complain about small mistakes in movies and books even though they don’t really matter. I love hugs and greet all my friends with a hug.

So yeah welcome to our blog, hope you like us ♥


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