Inquisition page 4

Darkness is broken by a thin shining ray of light fighting its way into closed eyes. My torso feels as though it is caked with drying mud. As I lift up my cheek from the cold ground, pushing my body up. I can feel the dry layer of grime crack and hear a soft crinkle like that of crumpling paper. Swallowing hurts, letting out a cough of pain I struggle to open my eyes but my surroundings seem entirely too bright for my eyes as they fight me to stay closed. As I manage to put my knees under me, hands flat on the ground I gasp for air suddenly realizing I don’t have enough in my lungs. My chest expands, and for a brief moment relief spreads through me with the air I breath. My expanding chest lets out audible crackles and I feel the dry caked on grim as it begins to fall away in little shards. I move one hand up to my chest to aid gravity in its removal of my filth. But on my way to my chest I feel warm droplets hitting my hand. My surroundings are slowly clearing up as my eyes gradual allow more sight. A weight pulls my head down forcing me to look at my open palm and see the Crimson impact points of the droplets. Thoughts are slowly falling about themselves as I suddenly realize I am bleeding. Falling on my side I roll onto my back and look down at my chest. I just stare at the broken and black cracked land scape that covers my chest. A numb curiosity guides my hand to the swollen flesh around my Icon to Chaos. Without any control I peel away a large flake of the caked on blackness. Underneath is pink and as my gaze just sits on the bare spot pores begin to well up with many little red flecks and over flow into a little red steam the cascades with a horrifyingly insignificant trickle. Everything becomes crystal clear in an instant the patter of rain, the rustle of trees, the clatter of people moving and talking; the smell of burning meat, damp grass, flowers, and the smell of freshly turned soil; the taste of copper, the cold wet ground, the weight of my own clothes, and the numbing pain the pulsates from my chest. Over everything I could feel piercing presence looming over me, forcing my eyes wide open. I see a fair featured face looking straight down at me, as my vision clears I can see it is female. My initial thought is how this pale woman is beautiful, but as my eyes move from her smiling lips up the small bridge of her to her eyes. Her Lightning blue eyes encapsulate my gaze and terror fills my body as what just transpired comes flooding back. Her gaze crushing more than the pain, bringing an overwhelming feeling of dread and emptiness, knowing I had to escape it I do the only thing I feel my body will allow me. I close my eyes and begin to silently sob. I can feel the dread and fear flow from my bleeding torso and my weeping eyes as I try to beg, but no sound will leave my throat. The only thing I can hear leave my lips is a crackle, the only thing my body will do is lie still and drown in its own sorrow.


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