Yoga Day 8-13

This week added three poses with similar lower body postures to bring the sequence up to ten minutes. I had done these poses before this challenge (unlike most of the previous poses), and it was nice to incorporate them into this month of yoga. I could definitely feel a nice stretch after doing the whole sequence, but I didn’t have many opportunities this week to repeat any of it. Every day, I got closer to getting my heels to the floor during downward dog and getting my hands on the ground during standing forward extension (uttanasana). Even though to 30 day challenge suggests taking days 7 and 14 as vacation days, I took day 7 as a day to look at the poses added on day 8 and make sure I had them down. Today, day 14, I did the whole sequence twice since I hadn’t repeated at all during days 8-13. Aside from yoga, the fall semester is winding down as I prepare to take exams next week. Hope everyone’s school/work is going well as we continue this holiday season with Christmas 😀


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