Amy Lee’s Birthday

Today is my role model’s birthday. As lead singer of Evanescence, Amy Lee has written and performed many songs that have so much meaning for me. From listening to the first album in the car with my mom as a young child to discovering their other music as a teenager, Evanescence has been my favorite band for many reasons. Amy Lee is probably the biggest reason. I always knew I wanted to do something with music, but ¬†I could never figure out what. My ideal, and completely unrealistic, dream job was becoming a rock star like Amy Lee. Then I realized her importance doesn’t lie in her fame and fortune. She is¬†significant to me because her creations of music helped me through my toughest times. In interviews, she’s made it clear that’s what her songs are about. She doesn’t make songs because she knows they will be big hits; her songs are made to be meaningful. This led me to choosing music therapy. It is a realistic job I can shoot for that I can use music to help other people just as Amy Lee’s helped me. Her songs and personality continue to inspire me every day. This is her first birthday with her first child, Jack. She’s been married for about 7 years now to Josh. I’m very happy she has a family to celebrate this occasion with. Happy 33rd birthday, Amy Lee!