Yoga Days 22-27, Christmas Break

Finally, a sun salutation! 🙂 I really enjoyed this week’s sequence and not feeling rushed to get it done since I’m on break. So I did get around to repeating some of it a couple times!

Speaking of Christmas Break, it’s been great so far! I love not having to keep up with school assignments! My younger brother’s friend (who I also get along with) is at our house right now and we’ve been watching anime and playing games together! I’ve gotten some cooking done while I’ve been home, I made a Mexican dinner the other night and a big breakfast this morning. I’ll probably post reviews of foods I try to cook later this break. I know Loki’s family has been making a lot of cookies this weekend, I’m sure they’re great!


Yoga Day 2-6; Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! These past few days of yoga have had the same sequence, with the option to repeat it more times as the days passed. I did it once the first two days, so I ended up doing it four times today. It was a good stretch to start the day with, and I could stretch further the more I repeated each pose. Can’t wait to see what the next sequence is! Enjoy the food and family today! 😛

Loki’s Introduction

Hello, welcome readers. My name is Loki W. Gardner, this blog that Brittany and I are starting it is meant to be a place where we may share our daily goings on and interests.

I am a freshman in college finishing up my first semester. My goal is to earn a degree in digital media while minoring in psychology. I am very gifted when it comes to visual arts, I enjoy the Arts in all facets. I do not have any previous experience in digital media, but I am quickly self educating myself. The first year or so of digital media classes just focus on drawing basics. While I do not mind having a rudimentary class because it gives me time to focus on classes I have more trouble with. It does however make me feel like i am wasting my time.

Other than school my hobbies include painting Warhammer 40k models, Theological exploration, trying any and all food I have not yet tried, League of Legends, and writing warhammer 40k based short stories. During high school I also organized a lot of charity events.

Out of my hobbies League being the Time vampire it is takes up much of my time. my days are normally separated into 1/5 sleeping, 1/5 school, 2/5 talking to Brittany and playing league with Brittany 1/5 everything else. If you have ever read any of the blog posts on lolwiki then you will more than likely know I talk about potential balance changes frequently.

These are the things I do.

As far as personality I am a super dorky guy that isn’t really talkative until you get me talking. I think puns are 1000 times funnier than they are and I love dark humor. I get really energetic and hyped up when I am with my friends . I like making my friends smile and happy in general so I love getting people gifts or making things for people. One thing I do that I am sure is annoying is I complain about small mistakes in movies and books even though they don’t really matter. I love hugs and greet all my friends with a hug.

So yeah welcome to our blog, hope you like us ♥

Brittany’s Introduction

Hi, I’m Brittany. I’ve never blogged before, but I’ve taken a recent interest in what this is all about. So I’m giving it a shot with Loki. 😛 A couple things about me: I’m a musician studying to become a music therapist. In my free time between classes, homework, and practicing, I love to eat and play League of Legends (usually with Loki and our friends). I don’t have any cooking supplies on campus, so when I go home I do SO much cooking. It’s become one of my favorite things to do in the past couple years. I’m the oldest sibling in my family, and I have two brothers. Favorite TV shows are Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, and a couple animes. I met Loki this past summer while our best friends were dating each other. When they broke up, Loki and I kept in touch cause we got along very well. Now here we are, making a blog together! We’re probably just gonna post things about our daily lives or interesting things that come up. Things I’ll most likely post about include college life, TV show (so watch out for spoilers), things about food/cooking, or music-related topics. Can’t wait to see how this goes 🙂

♥ Brittany