The Plan

I am here to share a long standing plan that I have been instituting for a little more then a month on post of this article. I have been awfully lethargic when it comes to moving forward this my closest friend Brittany. I realized a while back that it doesn’t matter what happens I have to get up and do something about it, because I don’t have all the time in the world to wast. Honestly i do not expect many people to read this or even discover this, I am simply putting word to thought so i might have a clear train of though. I have known for a long time that mutual feelings are held in the regard that i am implying here. I simply refrained from action because I am a coward in this regard. I have never fallen so hard nor cared so much about someone else so much. I have reached a point where I could not and do not want to think about a future without you and want to immediately take action to building a future where I wont have too. I know this is one of many steps, I know this often times wont be the easiest thing to do, I know that the future is unclear, but I don’t care. I look forward to the steps turning into a trail, I have never wanted whats easy in life, and I don’t want to think about a future I just want to get there. I Know you are a brilliant individual and probably guess to the meaning of the code I put in place for you and have likely been humoring me because you are so very sweet, and honestly I don’t really know why i put the code together because in the end it doesn’t matter if you deciphered it or not because I will put those words to action the moment I see you. I waited for to long trying to make it a romantic and memorable moment, but I didn’t realize at first that no matter what happens from this moment on it will be a romantic and memorable moment.