Inquisition page 6 – 8

I focus in on the Clang of my staff each time it strikes the cold steal floor. The echoing clang gets louder and louder as I focus in on it. Despite my attempts I cannot block out Nathan’s feeble attempt to strike up a conversation. Everything around me has devolved into meaningless noise. Nathan’s rambles on and my mind hears what he is saying but is not processing anything it’s just part of the ambiance along with the clang of my staff the echoing of footsteps in the distance and the humming and wiring that is inescapable anywhere on the ship. I fight a losing battle in my head as I try to ignore one thing I unintentionally focus in on everything. We pass a trio of workers as we cross each other they glance at Nathan. All three immediately avert their gaze and one even goes white in the face. The dark feeling one gets around Nathan is not easy to get used to and if he were not my constant watch dog I am sure he would still make the pit of my stomach drop every time he walked in the same room. The fear he instills in people without doing a thing infuriates me. I know I cannot seem to affect him with my powers, but other than that he has never displayed a single special display of skill. I can crush a man to dust with a thought yet no one ever fears me until the moment before their death. What can Nathan do? Making a quick glance at Nathan I take in his appearance to judge whether I consider him a menacing looking man. He walks with a smile on a smooth clean shaven face and clean shaven head. No remarkable features besides his amber eyes make his face even slightly memorable. His attire is even unremarkable.  He wears a matt black shock trooper uniform; his helmet held under his arm. He wears heavily armored gloves, shoulder guards, armored boots that might as well have been full leg greaves, and a thick looking chest plate that is standard on guards men uniform. Instead of the normal military uniform he wears what he has said is called an Etherium.  If you covered his ridiculously welcoming smile with the helmet he might be a threatening figure. Even acknowledging his appearance and knowing him very well after five years of him being my close partner nothing about him should be threatening or disturbing. Yet even after all this time with him if I maintain eye contact with him too long I can feel the pit of my stomach fall out. Suddenly I snap out of my thoughts as I hear Nathan” Reed, Reed are you ignoring me?” he exclaims in his monotone voice. I immediately space out again as we walk through a pair of automatic doors and say “always Nathan.” Nathan chuckles at this. As soon as we walk in to the control room a tall women with a tightly tide braid steps down from a thrown like chair in the center of the large circular room, her brown haired braid sways as she turns around. She stands tall and confidently, she wears a skin tight once peace uniform; the neck of it extends all the way up to her jaw, it has no sleeves, and it only extended downward into shorts that end more than six inches above her knees. All that is visible of her arms and legs are a dull silver color; they are mechanical and from rumor are equipped with numerous hidden functions. She looks at the both of us with a smile. On her back she has a dull silver spine following her spine up to where the spin meets her skull and stops there at a circular point. This woman Bel’ann intrigues me; she is the only human being who I have met that is not put off by Nathan, but also enjoys his Company. I consider Nathan a good friend but he still makes me uneasy. Bel’ann waves and Greets Nathan and I, “How was your excursion boys?” Nathan looks away blushing, as I address the question. “Uneventful.” Bel’ann is clearly not paying attention to me as she walks up to us looking at Nathan the whole time. As she stops in front if Nathan, I disengage from the situation as she tries to flirt with a brick wall. Walking up to the throne I lean my right shoulder against it taking some weight off of my leg. Letting out a deep breath I close my eyes and let all the voices flood in. “Have you seen Autumn?”, “They won’t ever know it was me”, “ maybe I can catch some sleep in the engine room”, “ I don’t think I am ready”, “ His arms are so strong, I would like a piece of that.” “I wonder how the captain lost her limbs, what would happen If I asked?” “Does that Parks guys scare anyone else?” “We are wasting so much time on the good for nothing planet” “where is the closest bathroom?” “How long before someone finds out I don’t know what I am doing” “I wonder if lady Moncel can read my thoughts when I think about her.” “We never get to see any action” “I think by big toe is infected” ” These ‘flashlights’ suck” “in the emperors name the constant buzz of this ship is going to drive me insane.” “how do you get permission to get a power sword” “what’s with black everything is black.” “Do Inquisitors get paid?” As I rest against the throne more and more voices join in. the expanse of my mental reach spreads past the ship to every living being below and onward. I snap back into my mind suddenly realizing if any of the claims about cultist activity are true it could be dangerous to reveal my presence. The Clamor of voices dies to a soft buzz in the back of my head. Looking over my shoulder I see Bel’ann is still throwing herself at Nathan, looking forward again I watch the seven or so copilots idly sit around at their stations. I know the only reason they are even here is in case Bel’ann is incapacitated. Bel’ann is Neuro-mechanically linked to the ship so that she may pilot it with her thoughts. This creates wasted staff, but it also gives unparalleled accuracy in maneuvers. Deciding to slink away while Bel’ann has Nathan occupied, I sighlently walk to a small side door that connects to the East bunking hall. Along the hall are two or three dozen doors that all connect to small dorm like rooms that include a bunk bed two desks and bathroom. The walls in every room are multi tool walls. The owner of the room can select a multitude of options to customize their room. I count the doors I pass on my left. On the fourteenth door I stop and will the door open it slides to the side. I broke the door long ago so that it is a cumbersome wall of steel. To open the door one would need to either blast it apart shred the door with an upper class power weapon or have the mental capacity to unlock and slide the door open with their mind. No one else on this ship is a Kinetic so that leaves Liliand whom could probably melt the door with her freakish powers or use that holy sword of hers. Bel’ann possible has the means to open the door. I have heard the rumors her mechanical limbs have the same strength as a power glove. This thought is rather terrifying since I have seen that she does not move slowly she is swift and agile and it is common knowledge that before her injury she was a master in all forms of close combat. I analyze everyone’s abilities as if I was powerless, I am self-aware of my power and the only people I have ever met that I am not sure I could immediately crush are Liliand and Nathan. I do not know the extent of Liliands powers. I also do not know how my kinetic powers interact with her Warp magiks. Nathan I know is an anti-Psyker, I have gathered that, but I do not know what tear to place him. I have encountered blanks and other lower level Anti-Psykers, and my powers have been strong enough that they could not fully suppress them. With how little I actually know about Nathan it might be odd to consider him a good friend. I have never known anyone well though, and I do not lend my trust easily. I see everyone as a potential enemy, but I trust Nathan. Standing at the open door still thinking I walk in slowly, looking at my bare single bed room. The only things in my room our a pile of books at the foot of my bed and a manikin in the corner to the right of the door. As I walk to my bed my armor and cloths fly off and rest on the manikin. The only things that do not leave me are an iron circlet that I wear on my head and my boxer briefs. I sit down on my bed and star at my leg no marks no identification that it is in pain. The screaming pain only ever subsides when I am in the midst of rage and bloodlust. I know the pain I have been cursed with has influenced my development as a violent individual. No matter how great the pain in my leg I do not endanger situations just to elevate my pain, I simple revile in the moments when I can give in to the bloodlust. I know it will only be minutes before we arrive at our next destination, but I will make Nathan come find me so that can add a few more moments. I lie my head down and close my eyes and hope for horrific dreams to come and take the pain away. Even if it is only for a moment.